xBrat Algo Vlog

Watch The xBrat Algo In Action

?Trading xBratAlgo with EMA Cloud and BIAS Chart Addons

Video Vlog discussing ES Emini Day Trading Signal by the xBratAlgo for the Trading View platform. Then how two little chart Add-ons can help with managing the trade.

?Trading ES Emini Futures Intra Day with xBratAlgo on NinjaTrader

Video Vlog highlighting a 7 day period trading ES Emini Futures on the 30 minute time frame with the xBratAlgo. Includes entry strategies, Stops, Risk to Reward and Support/Resistance.

?SwingTrading CHGG Stock with my xBratAlgo

Quick Video Vlog discussing Entry, Stop and trade management strategy for a Swingtrading opportunity on the CHGG Stock. My xBrat Algo is great for Swingtrading and DayTrading Stocks, futures, forex and Crypto currency and now available on GTS here https://globaltradingsoftware.com/product-tag/the-xbrat-algo-indicator/ Fore the Motivewave, TradingView and NinjaTrader Platforms

?xBratAlgo Trading Software in Action on Motivewave

Two great examples of trading the xBratAlgo on the Motivewave Platform.

?Trading Multiple Forex opportunities with xBratAlgo

In this Video Vlog I discuss a 2 day period with the EURJPY forex pair and the multi-le trading opportunities using the xBratAlgo with 100% win rate!! Paying particular attention to trading between support and resistance zones. Learn more about my xBratAlgo HERE https://paulbratby.com/xbrat-algo/

?Trading NZDUSD Forex Pair with ?xBratAlgo

Trading Education Vlog Video discussing the importance of Short Term support & Resistance when trading forex pairs with the xBratAlgo.

?Managing xBratAlgo Trades with Fibonacci Speed Resistance Fan

Quick Tutorial Video on how to use the Fibonacci Speed Resistance Fan when a Trade really start to trend and especially when its making new highs. I use a Platinum trade example in this video where the original BUY signal came from my xBratAlgo

?Continuous Stocks Trading Opportunities with ?xBrat Algo

Great Video Vlog showing the power of my xBratAlgo with continuous stocks trading opportunities on FISV.

?Trading the FTSE with ?XBratAlgo

Video Vlog walking through xBratSignal for the FTSE Index during 1 week on the 15 minute timeframe. 3 Trading opportunities and 3 winners!

?Trading USDJPY Forex Pair with ?xBratAlgo for TradingView

Vlog for MASSIVE Forex trade on USDJPY using the xBratAlgo for the TradingView Platform. Over 800% profit x Original Risk!!

?Swingtrading Stocks with ElliottWave & the ?xBratAlgo

Vlog entry showing the power of combining the Elliottwave Indicator suite and my xBratAlgo Trading Software to Trade TGT twice in 3 months during its Trending move.

?Trading Stocks with xBratAlgo Intra Day with CSCO

Quick Video Blog on how I took the 6* BUY Signal on CSCO produced by my xBratAlgo. The Trade made 250% profit x Risk i One Day! I also discuss support & Resistance zones and Earnings catalysts.

?Trading Cryptocurrency Litecoin with the xBratAlgo for TradingView

Video recap of great trading opportunity on Litecoin using the XBratAlgo for the TradingView Platform.

?SwingTrading Stocks With xBrat Algo Trading Software for TradingView

Tutorial Video showing how to use the xBratAlgo for TradingView and NinjaTrader when Swingtrading stocks. This example includes main initial entry guidelines for a swingtrade on NET and then a further Elliottwave trade using the tradethefifth.com Elliottwave indicator suite for Tradingview on a lower timeframe.

?Trading Forex with the Power of xBratAlgo

Simple and East trade setup tutorial using the xbratalgo when forex trading, Get the Power of the xBrat Algo for TradingView and NinjaTrader Platforms TODAY

?Trading GBPUSD Forex Pair with xBratAlgo for ?NinjaTrader

Quick overview of recent forex trading opportunity on GBPUSD using the xBratAlgo software for the NinjaTrader trading Platform.

?Trading Copper Futures Twice in One Afternoon with the ?xBratAlgo for TradingView

Short video tutorial discussing Support & Resistance, and Entry Strategies for this great trading opportunity on copper futures.

?Trading Natural Gas Futures with the ? xBratAlgo

Walking through trading signals with ? xBratAlgo for Natural Gas futures. Also concentrating on support & Resistance zones along with recent pivots for entry strategies.

?Live Trading Webinar with Paul Bratby 5th November 2020

?Live Trading Webinar with Paul Bratby 5th November 2020 A recording of Paul Bratby, W5t and Paulbratby.com dated the 5th November 2020 Take a look at all the trading indicators that Paul has developed and uses every day. #Elliottwave #trading #indicators #xbratalgo #tradingsignals  www.paulbratby.com

?Trading ES Emini Futures with the ? xBratAlgo for 144 Ticks

quick overview video on xBratAlgo signal for ES Emini Futures. This S&P500 trade took 144 Ticks profit before trailing stop taken out….. Specific look at Entry, Stop and Risk to Reward with these xBratAlgo Signals.

?Trading EURUSD Forex Pair with the xBratAlgo

Quick tutorial video of how to use my xBratAlgo when trading EURUSD overnight with 5* and 6* BUY Signals after bouncing off support.

?Trading Stocks With the ? xBratAlgo – BOX Stock Short

Quick tutorial video of how to use my xBratAlgo when trading EURUSD overnight with 5* and 6* BUY Signals after bouncing off support.

?Trading Stocks With the ? xBratAlgo – BOX Stock Short

Great example of how to use higher time frame on stocks to determine trend direction and produce support & Resistance Zones.

THEN Trading a 6* SELL using the xBratAlgo just smashes it….

?Trading Gold Around European Pit Open with the ? xBratAlgo

Another great example of the power of the xBratAlgo for the TradingView trading platform. This time we get a 6* SELL signal at the European Gold Pit Open that results in a 50 Tick Trade before the European Stock markets Open.

?Using the xBrat Algo on ALL charts!

See how our Brand New xBrat Algo works on Forex, Stocks, Futures & Metals with real examples.

?TradingView – Quick tutorial video explaining how I measure the pullbacks during the day

Quick tutorial video explaining how I measure the pullbacks during the day to understand normal behaviour of a trend when day trading. This example was NQ Nasdaq on the 3 minute time frame Using Stochastic and Fibonacci Retracement to understand these pullbacks. The Support and Resistance zones I mention are drawn on the 60 minute time frame.

You can learn how I produce these sticky zones by watching the recording of my recent live streaming education event here on TradingView  >>RIGHT HERE -<<<<

?EURGBP Forex Trading with the ? xBratAlgo

Typical example of choosing a 5* and 6* BUY signal using the xBratAlgo when trading Forex. Keeping in mind Support & Resistance Zones and using the European Gold Pit Open to your advantage when these signals appear on EURGBP.

?Trading View – Trading Signals Alerts Setup

Quick overview how to use the Alerts tab on the TradingView Platform to send trading signal alerts from the indicators you have on your chart – To:

  • Your mobile phone
  • TradingView App Pop up on your Chart

?TradingView – Entry Strategies ?  XBratAlgo

Brief video tutorial discussing entry strategies using support and resistance zones. How I produce support & Resistance zones can be learnt from the live stream recording. with the #xBrat #Algo both here and via my TradingView Official account >>>PBratbyOfficial<<<

?Trading Copper Futures with the ?xBratAlgo

Quick video review of trading copper with the xBratAlgo by Paul Bratby. Another re-enforcement of support & resistance zones and entry strategy using the xBratAlgo tradng software for the TradingView Platform

? TradingView Live Stream ? XBratAlgo

You Gotta Do Support & Resistance Zones Yourself

Live Stream – Paul on TradingView Live Stream  with the #xBrat #Algo.

?Trading Gold Futures with the ? xBratAlgo

Quick video reminding traders of the importance of support and resistance zones, risk to reward and sensible entry strategies when trading with the xBratAlgo.

? Stocks SwingTrading with ? ElliottWave and XBratAlgo

Learn how I combine the www.tradethefifth.com ElliottWave Indicator with my xBratAlgo to get those high probability 5th Wave Swingtrading opportunities  with the #xBrat #Algo.

?  GBPUSD Forex Trading with the ?xBratAlgo

Using the #xBratAlgo, Paul runs through a forex trade on GBPUSD using the xBratAlgo on the TradingVie platform, in which he discusses the importance of support and resistance zones to this great trading strategy.

? xBratAlgo ?Stocks Trading made simple

Using the #xBratAlgo to trade stocks makes trading so simple. Another in a series of instructional videos showing how to trade with the #xBrat #Algo.

?xBratAlgo ?trading with EURJPY Forex Pair

Using the #xBratAlgo, Trading with EURJPY Forex Pair using the #xBrat #Algo

? XBrat Algo Trading Strategy Gold Example

Simple view of the XBrat Trading strategy using a 6* BUY signal on Gold Futures. This Algorithm for the TradingView Platform keeps the chart clean whilst grading and printing trading signals using over 12 decision points that a professional trader uses every day.

?How to produce Trading Support & Resistance Zones for use with XBrat Algo

The XBrat trading Algorithm grades each trading signal for Longs and Shorts. Traders just need to learn how to frame their charts with linear Support and Resistance Zones.