Trading The Trend With Stocks And Futures

All Sessions include real examples from Stocks and Futures Markets – The whole course was recorded live as Paul presented to an audience in New York. examples – Keeping it real and current – “You Gotta Be In It To Win It”

trading the Behaviour1

Session 1

Understanding Basic Trend Behaviour and measuring it in a simple and repeatable way. My Core Trading Strategy starting to take shape

trading the Behaviour2

Session 2

Building out the core trading strategy with specific price action and volume behaviour. Framing Trend Behaviour with Channels and Linear Support & resistance Zones. Looking at Basic corrections during a Trend

trading the Behaviour3

Session 3 

Identifying potential Trend Reversals by using simple and repeatable measurements.

trading the Behaviour4

Session 4

Using this Trend Behaviour Core Trading Strategy when Blend investing. Learn how to build your own Investment portfolio with growth Stocks and ETFs. Learn how to Swing Trade Combining Multiple Timeframes with this Trend Behaviour Core Trading Strategy

trading the Behaviour5

Session 5

Stochastic/MACD Cross – Learn how to Trade the Roller Coaster within a Trend. Or indeed to identify the beginning of a new trend.

trading the Behaviour6

Session 6

Putting it all into practice on Stocks and Futures – Freestyle

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