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EXCLUSIVE Community Benefits:

  • Join like minded traders.
  • Free access to our discord group.
  • Live autotrader updates
  • Receive free signals
  • Free chat rooms
  • Free education
  • And so much more

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    In case you are a returning visitor to this page and have noticed a few changes, we announced that we would be closing down all 5 Signals groups at the end of September 2021.

    The reason we made this decision was to be able to centralise into 1 group, all our support, training videos and product updates (and believe me, we have some awesome stuff coming up!).

    That way we can be way more responsive to any questions or issues you are facing.

    Included is live updates from our Autotrader, as well trading tips direct from Paul.

    Hey! Don't forget, all my signals are POWERED by my XBrat Algo

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