About the author

Paul Bratby, an accomplished ex-British Army engineering manager, possesses a unique talent for recognizing behavioural patterns and finding intersections between human behaviour and the financial markets. Through a series of remarkable life events, Paul has progressed from a humble 17-year-old apprentice in the British Army to a successful trader to founder of Global Trading Software and its popular series of trading indicator software.

In 2013, as technology was improving, Paul embarked on a new journey. His focus shifted to transforming intricate trading and investing strategies into user-friendly software. The goal? To simplify the trading process with clear visualizations and easily understandable rules that would be accessible to traders of all levels.

With this mission accomplished, his first book becomes a testament to his expertise and serves as a stepping stone in his ongoing quest to share knowledge and experiences with others. Paul attributes his triumphs to his steadfast adherence to disciplined rules and his unwavering commitment to rational decision-making in both life and trading.

His first book was written at Paul’s Spanish residence. He and his wife, Dee, spend summers there, seeking respite from the sweltering heat of Dubai, which they proudly call home.


“If I kept my trading strategy simple, it wasn’t going to take me a decade to learn how to trade profitably. All I needed was to create a simple and repeatable strategy that I could feel confident within”

Paul Bratby / Author / CEO

Today, I trade with confidence using a simple and repeatable trading strategy while teaching thousands of traders how to trade with consistent profits for themselves.