Paul Bratby has been trading for 20 years, for the last 15 years full time after perfecting some simple and repeatable trading strategies for Stocks Swing trading and futures day trading. For the last 7 years Paul has recruited talented software developers to turn his trading strategies into trading software for many different trading/broker platforms. The emphasis for all of Paul’s trading software titles is to keep charts clean, graphically easy to understand and keep the associated trading strategies rule based, simple and repeatable.

Paul is best known for his Elliott Wave trading Software that has turned what can be a scary Theory in the trading world, into a simple but highly effective trading software for lots of different trading platforms.

His recent xBrat Series of trading indicators are taking the retail and institutional trading world by storm with high probability signals and special trade management trading indicators

“At 17 years old, I was a young soldier in the British Army trying to make ends meet by being a soldier and driving taxis in my spare time.”

Over the years, I’ve talked with many traders in-person and online to better understand the challenges new traders face.
One of the major challenges I discovered is that traders spend most of their money on education and that leaves them without a structured strategy and very little capital to actually trade!

So, who is Paul Bratby?

  • CEO of Global Trading Software, Full-Time Trader & Mentor
  • Over 20 Years Experience Trading The Financial Markets
  • 15 Year Army Veteran

“If I kept my trading strategy simple, it wasn’t going to take me a decade to learn how to trade profitably. All I needed was to create a simple and repeatable strategy that I could feel confident with.”

– Paul Bratby – CEO @Global Trading Software
in recent interview with”

“As Traders with Rules based strategies, we should be looking For Reasons NOT To Get In a Trade – If we cant then we have a high probability Trade. Retail traders fall into the trap of trying to find reasons to get in a trade and sometimes break the rules or even try and find some spurious indicator that will justify their trade. Keeping it Simple and Repeatable and sticking to your trading strategy rules makes for a consistently profitable trader”

Today, I trade with confidence using a simple and repeatable trading strategy while teaching thousands of traders how to trade with consistent profits for themselves.

I would like to invite you to a free online trading class to see for yourself, how my simple and repeatable strategies can transform your trading forever and continue to deliver results for me on a daily basis. – Simply register for one of my FREE Monthly Trading Classes –  Webinars & Events.

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