Stocks Day Trading Journal

Stocks Day Trading Journal

JNJ Stocks Day Trading Journal

Original Signal came through live on the Discord Group at 16.08 European time (Paul is based in Europe) as below:

image of stocks day trading signal from stocks algo discord group

JNJ day trading management

Then Paul takes up the management of this trade n the “Chart Trades” Channel live and posts observations and actions he is taking as below with time stamp. This is exactly how it happened real time on the discord groups with text and chart images….

16:21 – The JNJ long signal is has had a great move so far so should be risk free now on the trade, managing 2 candles behind each 5 minute candle close,lets see if it runs. If not we have lost nothing

image of JNJ stocks day trading chart

16:32 – Nice rejection Doji with high volume on JNJ trade, so adjusted stop to 150.12 just below the low of the Doji. I know it was high volume as the colour of the candle using the BITS indicator is red, which denotes higher volume compared to previous candle – This locks in a little profit now. Lets see if it can move higher

image of stocks day trading chart journal JNJ

16:41 – Back to 2 candles behind on trade management strategy on JNJ – Trailing Stop now at 150.19

image of stocks day trading chart jnj

16:46 – Moved up trailing stop on JNJ to 150.29 as next 5min candle has closed, new highs of the day.

image of jnj chart making new highs on stocks day trading journal

16:53 – Adjusted Trailing Stop on JN long to 150.33. Now locking in 100% profit X Risk. Last 3 candles on this 5 minute chart have been green, indicating (with this BITS indicator) that each candle had higher volume than the candle before – so momentum building. If next candle is grey or cyan it will mean lower volume and I will go 1 candle behind on a more aggressive trade management strategy.

image of trailing stop adjusted on stocks day trading chart

16:57 – Ok so candle closed grey. So, even though a positive candle it had less volume, which could mean we are running out of juice on this move. Trailing Stop moved aggressively up to 150.54, locking in 170% profit x risk.

JNJ Trading Journal Continued Live

17:01 – Adjust trailing stop to 150.70 – 230% profit x Risk. Nice and tight as price action slowing . Those that have attended my course will recognise this as potential for running out of juice. We are getting slightly higher highs like at the top of a roller coaster.

17:05 – candle just closed, adjusted trailing stop to 150.75, locking in 250% profit x risk.

17:11 – Candle closed, adjusted stop to just below closed candle to 150.87 – 300% profit x risk locked in now ?

17:33 – Trailing stop hit and profit taken. 300% profit x risk. So, a risk of $1000 on this trade would have yielded $3000 profit in 70 minutes!!! And that ladies and gentlemen is how you use the breakout signals in the stocks algo discord group. I managed this trade live with you guys to show you how to trade these type of signals. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join as beta testers and give your feedback and join in community chats.

image of JNJ stocks day trading chart with profit being taken

Stocks Algo Discord Group

Paul Bratby is putting together algorithms that give live signals within various discord groups and importantly, he is supporting traders understanding and trading these signals. The Stocks Algo Discord group will be Beta Tested for the last 3 months of 2020 to ensure the user experienced is optimized.

To learn more about this and other Algo Discord groups please >>CICK HERE<<

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