Enthusiasm is an upbeat approach to your trading, it should be consistent and focused! Be careful not to allow the intoxication of enthusiasm to turn to emotional reactions when your trading is good or bad.

My Mission

I have always treated my trading as a Business and ensured my enthusiasm has been for my various trading strategy rules and not for Trading itself. If I can help traders of all levels be consistent and focused in their trading business, then my mission will remain on track.

  • The Rules, Rule!
  •  Simple & Repeatable
  • Confident & Consistent
  • Trading Business Objectives
  • Profit & Loss Targets
  • Understand Risk
  • Multi Level Approach
  • Stocks & Futures
  • Market Behaviour
  • Knowing when to Stop!
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NOT Coincidence

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What is in my new book?

PAUL’S JOURNEY from a 17-year-old British Army apprentice to a successful trader and founder of Global Trading Software has been nothing short of remarkable. One of Paul’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to recognize behavioral patterns and their correlation with financial markets. In this book, Paul demystifies and simplifies these patterns. He demonstrates how technology can empower traders to identify and capitalize on regular confluences, enabling them to develop effective strategies for day trading, swing trading, and investing.

For over a decade, Paul has dedicated himself to streamlining once complex trading strategies. His popular xBrat trading indicator software showcases his expertise as well as his commitment to developing user-friendly software that provides clear visualizations and easily understandable rules that are accessible to traders of all levels.

Paul’s years of experience, ability to simplify complex concepts, and commitment to providing accessible trading strategies set him apart as a leader in the financial industry.

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